What is the Difference Between a Maraschino Cherry and an Amarena Cherry?

If you’ve heard of amarena cherries before, you have probably wondered why they are so special and why you should use them instead of maraschino cherries. It’s a good question and while it can be simply explained in words, you’re really going to have to taste the difference for yourself to see why so many people are closing the door to maraschino cherries and adopting amarena cherries instead.
Amarenas are wild, dark cherries that come directly from Italy and are considered to be a gourmet treat or ingredient. They have a slightly bitter taste but they are usually preserved in a syrup that is very sweet. This combination of sweet and bitter comes together perfectly and it is completely different than the overly sweet taste of a maraschino cherry.
True maraschino cherries are processed in Italy with sour cherries and a maraschino liqueur and preserved in this alcohol base. They are nothing like the maraschino cherries that you are currently using now to make your favourite desserts.
Maraschino cherries that you can find in your local grocery store have undergone extensive processing to make them look and taste like they do. First they are soaked in brine, which changes their colour and flavour and then they are dipped in a red dye and injected with corn syrup. You can purchase them in different colours but be aware that they have been reduced from a fruit to a sugary candy.
When you’re looking for more of a fruity flavour in your specialty dishes, you’ll want to turn to amarena cherries instead. Once you’ve substituted one cherry for another, you’ll taste the difference for yourself. Amarena cherries make the flavour of a dish more authentic, just the way it is supposed to be. If you’re a chef, you can be certain that your restaurant patrons will appreciate the quality of the new culinary masterpieces that you will serve.
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