Interesting Cherry Pairings You May Not Have Considered Before

Whether you’re a budding chef or working in a high class dining establishment, there are some interesting amarena cherry food pairings that you may not have considered before. While we all are quite familiar with a chocolate and cherry marriage that’s made in heaven, there are other foods that go quite well with cherries that can leave you motivated to head to the kitchen right now! Some of the best foods to pair with amarena cherries are outlined below:

Fruits – When you are preparing a fruit bowl that will include cherries, don’t forget to include lemons, oranges, apricots, peaches, plums or nectarines. If you are going to be cooking with any of the above fruits, consider adding amarena cherries to the recipe to add a brand-new flavour to it.

Nuts – Pistachios and almonds are the perfect pairing for cherries and should be considered when you are making a nutty granola mix or healthy fruit and nut bars.

Herbs – Vanilla works well when paired with amarena cherries as do thyme, mint and basil. When you’re making your next batch of fruitcake or are adding cherries to a main dish, such as pork tenderloin or foie gras, consider adding these herbs or extract as well.

Cheese – Camembert and cheddar cheese work well with amarena cherries. Sharp cheddar and cherries look great together when served on a platter and won’t disappoint in the taste department either.

Whether you’re a culinary genius or a foodie that appreciates the wonders of great food pairings, you’ll love the amazing flavour and texture of amarena cherries. You’ll be able to make a lasting impression on your guests when you start working with different combinations to create the perfect masterpiece.

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