The Health Benefits of Amarena Cherries

While there are a lot of different health food products that are trending, cherries are close to the top of the list. New research has shown the many different health benefits found in cherries and they should be consumed regularly. One easy way to incorporate healthy cherries into your diet is to switch over from maraschino cherries that you are currently using and use amarena cherries instead.

Maraschino cherries consist of sugar and chemicals and when it comes to health benefits, there’s really nothing left in them. All of the goodness of the cherry has been exposed to excessive processing and the cherry has been left as a glorified candy. Amarena cherries, on the other hand, provide the nutrients that you are looking for in a cherry and can easily be substituted in any recipe that calls for maraschino cherries.

Amarena cherries are loaded with antioxidants and can help with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Studies are now showing that cherries can also reduce the risk of developing cancer and can help with insomnia since they contain melatonin.

Cherries also contain a high amount of vitamin C, potassium and beta-carotene. Each cherry has approximately 4 calories, and a cup of these cherries only adds up to about 74 calories in total. They are low in fat and can be used as an ingredient in a number of different dishes or enjoyed as a snack.

Amarena cherries are perfect for ice cream, cake and other types of pastry creations. They can be covered with a decadent layer of dark chocolate to provide an extra measure of health benefits. As an added bonus, you can actually taste the flavour of cherry. When maraschino cherries are used, they have lost their cherry taste and simply provide a candy flavour.

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