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Our Passion For Amarena Cherries

The Amarena Cherry Origin Story

Originating from Bologna in northern Italy, Amarena cherrie were invented over 100 years ago by Gennaro Fabbri. The process of making them is a natural one, where the freshly picked and pitted cherries are simply mixed in with water, sugar and citric acid for about a month. This creates a naturally preserved cherry that has developed a complex flavour profile. Once ready, the Amarena cherry has a firm yet tender texture. It becomes sweet, all while retaining some of its natural sourness and acidity. This natural production process keeps D’amarena cherries preserved naturally, which maintains the explosive flavour that has appealed to a growing market of amarena cherries lovers.

How Amarena Cherries Get Used

The flavour profile of Amarena cherries lends itself to a wide range of uses. They are most commonly used in cocktails, both as a garnish and an ingredient. The cherry itself is packed with flavour and makes a great garnish, but the syrup is just as useful here as it can make for a great mixer that pairs well with many liquors & other syrups that are commonly used in cocktails like vanilla, citrus or chocolate. However, its use is by no means limited to cocktails, as it’s also often used in baking, most commonly in tarts, but also in muffins and other baked goods.

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