Cocktails Brought To The Next Level

Amarena cherries are the superior cocktail cherry, more natural and with much more flavour than your standard maraschino cocktail cherry. Try it out and prepare to be blown away! Available in retail and foodservice sizes, D'amarena is ready for  your  needs. Get in touch for more details!

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Amarena Cherries In Baking

Amarena cherries are incredibly versatile, perfect for use in baking recipes. They are available with stems for drinks, and without stems for your baking needs.  The dark red colour of the syrup makes it perfect for naturally colouring your baked goods , all the while adding to the flavour of the final product!

Our stemless Amarena include more than the standard amarena cherries in syrup, with Amarena cherries in brandy, perfect for baking a black forest cake or a number of other delicacies, or amarena cherries dipped in chocolate. Once you try these cherries, there will be no going back!

Available in retail sizes & foodservice sizes, we have the ability to provide high volumes  of product to suit your needs. If you are a wholesale user of cherries, or a manufacturer using sweet cherries, get in touch and we can start helping you to use the best cherries around! If you do not require a high volume of Amarena cherries, or would simply like to try it out first, we have retail sizes available for purchase from our distributor Qualifirst. 

The D'Amarena Cherries