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Wholesale Amarena Cherries

Naturally Explosive Flavour 

D’amarena cherries carry much more flavour than your standard cocktail cherry, and they appeal to a growing niche of people who have come to love them. Those in the know about amarena cherries recognize their value and often return to the establishments they’ve discovered carries them.  They are not chemically processed cherry candies, but are naturally made and preserved. This versatile tart and sweet ingredient is bound to set your drinks, baked goods or dishes apart with its delicious flavour profile.  They are a great balance of sour and sweet, with a syrup that retains some cherries’ acidity without being overly sugary.

How To Use Amarena Cherries

Amarena cherries are often used as garnishes, but their utility does not stop with the cherry itself, as the syrup is an ingredient all on its own. Its complex sweet-sour flavour profile makes it incredibly versatile.  Amarena cherries are perfect as a cocktail ingredient with the sweet syrup making a great mixer, they work as a topping for vanilla ice cream to bring it from a standard dessert to a gourmet experience, and they are frequently used for tarts and other pastries.  The possibilities are endless, and after you first taste the Amarena flavour you will inevitably become curious to experiment with them in a variety of different ways.

Flexible To Your Needs

We’re positioned to supply high volume needs, so for those interested in making bulk purchases, we are happy to provide customized wholesale pricing.  Using our wholesale pricing is a good way to keep your dishes competitively priced while upgrading the quality of your dish. If you’re interested in using outstanding quality cherries, contact us now!