Revitalize Your Black Forest Cake Recipe With Amarena Cherries

Revitalize Your Black Forest Cake Recipe With Amarena Cherries - Amarena

Germany introduced the world to one of the best and most famous cakes that has ever been created – the black forest cake. This smooth luxurious cake features cherries and whipped cream between layers of chocolate cake with chocolate shavings on top. To bring new flavours to the classic dessert, amarena cherries should be one of the key ingredients for your next black forest cake. These cherries add a brand new depth to the cake that cannot be described in words. Simply follow your usual recipe and whenever it calls for cherries, use amarena cherries instead of the typical maraschino cherry. You’ll find that once you have tasted an amarena black forest cake you’ll never go back to the overly-sweet maraschino variety of cherries again.

With this cake, it’s not just the taste, but the appearance that changes when you use a higher quality cherry. The dark appearance against the chocolate also adds a tone of sophistication and natural beauty to the cake, especially when you spoon a few extra cherries as garnish. Amarena cherries can also proudly sit on top of slices to tempt passers-by at the buffet table. This cake also looks incredible in pictures for a dessert menu.

Black forest cake has been a favourite for weddings, birthdays and a variety of other celebrations that call for a special cake that offers something more. If you are serving this type of cake at your restaurant, café, bakery or other dining establishment, you should try our amarena cherries in your next black forest creation. You’ll find that they add a wonderful new taste and appearance to the cake that can’t be rivaled by maraschino cherries.

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