Amarena Syrup Ideas

Our amarena syrup has been created using black wild cherries with a sweet yet subtle bitter flavour. This syrup is completely different from the syrup that you would find in a bottle of maraschino cherries. The taste is more robust and flavorful without the overly sweet taste of sugar cherries.
Use this syrup to mix together amazing cocktails such as a Clovers Club, a Cherry Blossom, a Manhattan or a Shirley Temple. Substitute this syrup for grenadine to make specialty cocktail drinks of your own choosing.
This syrup also adds a splash of colour and taste to non-alcoholic drinks such as lemonade, soda water, cola products, coffee and iced tea. Make your own cherry colas, serve them to your friends and then wait for the reaction you receive. Amarena syrup tastes delicious in different types of sodas and doesn’t come with the awful aftertaste of cough syrup that you may encounter with other types of cherry syrups.
Keep a bottle of this syrup close by when you are baking and use it in your next almond cake, crepe, panna cotta, galette, batch of tarts and more. Whip it into your whipped cream to use as a dessert topping or brush the syrup between the layers of your next chocolate cake to give it a black forest flavour.
Spark up your next vinaigrette and give it more depth with a dash of amarena syrup or brush it onto a steak, pork chops or ribs before firing up the barbecue. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to this amazing syrup. You will only be limited by your imagination once you have stocked up on this flavorful and intense syrup.
To find out how to order bulk quantities of amarena syrup at wholesale prices for restaurants and other dining establishments please get in touch with us through our contact form at or contact our distributor, Qualifirst, directly at 1-(800) 206-1177.