Amarena Cherries for Your Next Cocktail Garnish

High-end customers and establishments alike know that it’s not just the mix of the drink that speaks volumes, but the presentation. The garnish you choose for your cocktails can make or break the drinks in terms of taste and appearance. While maraschino cherries have been used throughout cocktail history and have become a popular garnish for many drinks, amarena cherries can bring a cocktail up to a brand-new level.

If you are operating a bar or restaurant, you should have a large supply of amarena cherries in stock to decorate your cocktails. These types of cherries add sophistication to a number of different drinks such as a Sweet Martini, Manhattan, Martini and an Old-Fashioned, just to name just a few. They also make a sweet addition to any drinks that require a mix of sweet and sour flavours.

While your customers may be expecting a regular cocktail cherry with a thick syrup and an overly sweet flavour, amarena cherries are tart and bold, with a thin syrup, adding a surprising taste that doesn’t overpower the drink. On top of this, amarena cherries are high quality, gourmet cherries, so have a wide range of chemicals found in other cherries, no have they been heavily processed.

Amarena cherries are the perfect addition for a variety of cocktails and the next time you find yourself reaching for a traditional maraschino cherry, think twice. Your customers will appreciate the time and effort you take to add a gourmet cherry to their next drink.

Making the step forward to a higher quality cherry is easy when you order in bulk from Amarena. We are experts on these cherries, and have source them ethically from their original locations across the globe. We also offer discount pricing for large orders to restaurants, bars and other licensed establishments. When you are ready to step up your game and “wow” your customers with new and improved drinks, contact us today or visit our site to see the various amarena cherries we offer at wholesale prices.